Ok.. a quick sneak preview

Anyway …  suffice to say I’ve not been under the same pressure to organise lots of activities, days out, and everything else that goes in to occupying the family over the holidays.

Even though we have already had the most amazing summer, I don’t want the last few weeks of the holidays to be too much of an anticlimax.  So one of the things we’ve been putting together is a summer bucket list – things that we’d really like as our ‘must do’s’

This is what we’ve come up with:

Our Summer Bucket List

• One to one time with mum – this is something both children have asked for  (a hard one logistically, but I’ve arranged a weekend away with Jessica to Lake Windermere, and a weekend away with Natalie to my sisters caravan on the East Coast)

• Paddle in the sea and have sandcastle building competition

• Picnic

• Go blackberry picking (done! )

• Trampolining (done!)

• Rock scrambling (Brimham Rocks in Ilkley perhaps)

• River paddling (Bolton Abbey??)

• Row a boat (boating lake somewhere??)

• Duvet day (oh yes please )

Hearing the kids go ‘I’m bored’ drives me crazy!  I came across an idea a few years ago that we still do each summer holidays – the Bored Board – basically get them to make a list of home based activigties they might like to do, and when ever they untter that umentionable phrase – refer them immediately to their Bored Board for inspiration.  They love coming up with ideas!

This was them the first year we did it.. wow.. how they have grown, and how their ideas of changed too (although, a few remain the same!)

This year their Bored Board includes things such as:

• read a book

• write a story

• makeup tutorial

• baking

• scavenger hunt

• put on a talent show

• plan and cook a meal for the family

• make a photo album

• play a board game

• make a mini garden

• ride the bikes

• go to the park

.. the list goes on

So here’s to the remainder of the summer holidays, with lots of fun family time. Keeping fingers crossed for at least a bit of sunshine over the coming weeks, and most definitely hoping that we’ve enough planned to keep ‘I’m Bored‘ from passing their lips

What do you have planned for the holidays, love to share ideas

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