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Baby signing groups support the development of you and your babies communication long before they are able to communicate verbally. Babies understand so much before they can talk and desperately want to communicate

From as early as 6 months old, babies can begin to tell you what they want and how they feel.

Signing with your baby will develop their natural desire to communicate.

Using signs together with spoken language establishes two way communication and enhances their early language development.

Additionally signing and the early introduction to music through baby signing classes have both been linked to greater interest in books and improved reading ability.

Baby signing classes

  • The groups are best suited to babies from 6 months old to around 2 years old
  • Use of songs, stories, messy play and music enhances the development of language, literacy and numeracy, socialisation as well as being fun for both parents and babies.

Research shows that signing babies have a tendency to have a greater interest in books, increased early vocabulary and improved literacy.

The baby signing group uses British Sign Language based signs and is structured to provide a complete guide in how to sign with your baby, ensuring that you understand how and when to use signs to get the best possible results.