Baby Signing is a wonderful first form of communication with your little one.

Mini Sign is a brilliant course for your baby from 4 months to 2 years.

We use basic everyday words from BSL, through songs, messy play and fun to help form early communication with your baby.

Did you know babies as young as 6 months can start signing their first signs?

Baby Sign can also help:

  • Reduce frustration through early communication
  • Develop memory and vocabulary
  • Promote literacy and a love of learning
  • Support brain development and mental health
  • Develop fine motor skills

We also have fun with a different prop each week, instruments and finish each class with parachute and bubbles.

We even have some messy fun with playing with food to help support learning food signs.

Each week we revisit what we have learnt in the previous weeks, and generally have lots of fun!

Join us on your baby sign journey here!