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It’s Summertime and that means only one thing at Mini Me Time…yes that’s right, Mini Rangers!

This session is a firm favourite of yours and ours alike. In case you haven’t experienced them, we meet in parks or outdoor spaces for outdoor activities; whatever the British weather throws at us, we are outside having fun with nature.

Our fabulous Mini Rangers includes nature hunts, nature crafts, walks, chats, songs…and of course parachute and chasing bubbles as they drift off with the wind. But before all of that we have our special Mini Rangers chant that brings us together at the start of each session, we are a Rangers team, and we ensure our minime’s feel part of our special friendship group.

So, raining, and it’s wellies on and we’re splashing in puddles, feeding the ducks and sheltering in the trees or bandstand. Sun shining, and it’s sun cream and sun hats on, sat on the grass enjoying the surrounding beauty and even better company. Either way it’s magical and great to be outdoors!

Each session is carefully planned with a different nature task and nature based craft each week. We hunt for our nature materials as we walk around the park, listening to the birds, looking up for squirrels, squelching through the mud and rustling through leaves. If we’re lucky we may spot a buzzy bee, ladybird or tiny ant.

We get to explore our artistic nature by creating a variety of crafts. From making nature wands to nature shakers, nature art to magic potions, nature threading to mud painting.

However, it’s so much more than just fun and games in the park…

Mini Rangers offers a tactile and multi – sensory experience, and within the crafts, the opportunity to master a variety of skills including improving hand eye coordination, developing fine motor skills and awareness of colour and texture. They allow for personal expression and creativity.

Creating, wondering, imagining is crucial to your child’s mental, social and emotional development. Imaginative play allows children to express themselves verbally and physically, act, react and interact and try out different roles and scenarios within safe boundaries of their own making. All developing and boosting your minime’s self confidence.

Exposure to music also helps gain neural connections that help with brain development and cognitive thinking, so we always have a few fun action songs  to move and groove to, along with our famous parachute and magic bubbles.

So much is jam packed into our outdoor sessions for you and your mini me to enjoy and thrive.

Mini Rangers runs from our Spring – Autumn terms and is sorely missed in those Wintery months. To echo a comment made earlier in this blog, it’s just so great to be outdoors!

So, in true chant style…

“Rangers, Rangers, Rangerrrrs!”

Laura – Mini Me Time Rochdale

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