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With Valentines Day being just last week, and this week being my wedding anniversary it got me thinking on the amount of time, thought and effort we (and I say we, as it shouldn’t just be down to one person) manage to put aside for just being us. We are just like everyone else, we work, we run around after our children (they have better social lives than we do), we’ve to juggle and fit in friends, family, housework, shopping .. and yes.. at the end of the day we are shattered and its all that we can do to even acknowledge each others existence, never mind have the forethought to do something nice for just to the two of us.

It was actually the Valentines card I got for hubby that really made me sit up, and take a bit of notice of myself. Whilst it was meant as a joke.. actually, its a bit too true. We do actually together, most evenings we eventually collapse on the couch at the same time… but more often than not that time is occupied elsewhere, phone, laptop, tv..

This week – we booked a couple of days away – ok.. yes, a special occasion being our wedding anniversary, but in the last few years probably the most effort we have gone to is a takeaway pizza and a tub of Ben and Jerrys! We didn’t go far, to Haworth to experience a bit of Bronte country culture, but it was lovely… perhaps not the weather, but the country house, the walks, the day time cinema trip, dinner out.

It was great, it was fab in fact. And we questioned why do we not make that effort, what happened to our date nights, where along the years did we suddenly stop investing in us?

It’s important we remember we are more than mum and dad, that relationships need investment in order to keep growing and thriving. Easy to know, easy to say.. not so easy to do.

So.. date nights.. what are your thoughts.. how often? week days? weekends? Ideas of what to do, where to go? Budget (we are not made of money, and as much as I’d like to go out for posh meals, be wined and dined regularly.. its not going to happen!)

We need inspiration..

Tonight it will be dinner at home.. but I’ve pulled out the red tablecloth, I’ve lit a couple of candles, set the table with the nice plates and wine glasses (not that either of us actually drink!) the kids are on an early to bed night as its school in the morning, no TV, no phones.. and we are going to have a date.. yes, over a takeaway pizza and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s …

What are your favourite date nights.. do tell 🙂

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